Could you give a loving home to a retired greyhound?


Greyhound Trust North Yorkshire

Greyhounds are very lazy, gentle and affectionate dogs. They do NOT need a lot of exercise and in most cases two, twenty minute walks a day is enough. Generally, they settle quickly into a home and soon learn to become great pets.


If you would like further information about greyhounds as pets or our homing process, please contact Karen Fraser on 01609 761014 or by email:  

Greyhound of the month - Tubby

Tubby was 9 years old on 1 June 2020.  He is booked for a health check next week, to be  followed by a dental. He is currently living in a foster home where he is clean, well behaved and can be left for several hours without any problems. 


Tubby can be a bit of a fussy eater so would benefit from a flexible approach to his diet - he does not enjoy dry biscuits without any extras added.  He loves fish and tinned tripe mixed in with his food. 


As you can see from the photo (on the right) Tubby is searching for his forever home.

Tubby is looking for his forever home.

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About us

We are happy to home anywhere in North Yorkshire and York and with experienced representatives around North Yorkshire, especially York, Selby, Harrogate, Northallerton and Scarborough, we can provide you with back up and support, if needed.  

Due to Covid 19 we have had to adapt the way we work and consequently we have fewer greyhounds available in kennels.  Normally we are happy to home with children, other breeds of dog and even cats but there could be a delay in finding you a suitable dog.  Please bear with us, we are doing our best.