Could you give a loving home to a retired greyhound?


Greyhound Trust North Yorkshire

Greyhounds are very lazy, gentle and affectionate dogs. They do NOT need a lot of exercise and in most cases two, twenty minute walks a day is enough. Generally, they settle quickly into a home and soon learn to become great pets.


If you would like further information about greyhounds as pets or our homing process, please contact Karen Fraser on 01609 761014 or by email:  

Greyhound of the month - Basher


Basher will be celebrating his 7th birthday on 16 June 2022 with his foster dad but we are hoping that he will soon find his forever home.  Basher has many positives; he is housetrained, enjoys walks on the moors, can be left for several hours and is sociable with other dogs.  Basher does have several specific needs for a home.  He has always been timid and reserved.  In the foster home he has come out of his shell and is happy to meet new people if he is allowed to approach them first.  He does not like loud or sudden noises, for example passing a school at playtime or traffic noise.   He would be best suited to living in a quiet rural area where he can enjoy walks with little or no traffic.  He prefers to sleep in a crate and needs clear boundaries and routine to help him feel secure.   


If you would like any further information about Basher please ring Karen on 01609 761014.


About us

We are happy to home anywhere in North Yorkshire and York and with experienced representatives around North Yorkshire, especially York, Selby, Harrogate, Northallerton and Scarborough, we can provide you with back up and support, if needed.  

We are happy to home with children and with other breeds of dog. 

Many of the dogs we have available for homing never get their picture on the website, so please do contact us if you are thinking about adoption, as the right greyhound for you may be in our kennels!